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In-Home Learning



 Updated on April 27, 2020 

Classes for Credit

As of April 13, students have assigned classes and will use Google Classroom and Canvas to access and turn in their now required three weekly learning activities in each class.

·       Both Google Classroom and Canvas can be accessed by logging into your school Gmail account ( through the RSD Login Portal.

·     If you are unable to access either of these, please email Dr. Dubb or Mrs. Shults and they will help you. You can click on Instructions for Gmail  if you need help as well.

·     ALL OF YOUR CLASSES WILL BE IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM or CANVAS.(some of you also have classes in Edgenuity—click here for Edgenuity information.)

·     Students can find their Trimester 3 class schedule by logging onto Skyward. If you or your family have forgotten your user name or password or have difficulty logging on, please email Ms. Johansson or Ms.Julie for help with this. . If you have a 6th period in Skyward, this is an Edgenuity class.

·     If you have been “invited” to join your class by your teacher, all you need to do is accept the invitation and you will be in the class. If you see classes in your Skyward schedule that you are not enrolled in yet or have not been invited to on Google Classroom or Canvas, please email the teacher and they will assist you in registering for that class. You can also enroll yourself  by entering the class code in Google classroom for the class you need to join. All Talley class codes can be found at Talley Teacher Course Links.

Online Communication for Students:

Talley teachers and staff want to hear from you! We are here to answer questions, support you with classes, and connect you with resources.

 In addition, every teacher will be available for a minimum of 2 hours each week during their “Office Hours.”  What this means is that during these times, teachers will be at their computer, available to respond to you in real time.

All staff contact info and office hour times can be found at Talley Faculty Office Hours


For help with Zoom Login and Canvas Login:


RSD Zoom Login Process for students:


RSD Canvas Login for students:


Students, please read the zoom instructions at


·       Chinese

·       Spanish

·       Russian

·       Vietnamese

Special Education Students:

If your child receives special education services, a case manager will be contacting you to develop the Continuous Learning Plan (CLP).  Please refer to this Continuous Learning Plan for your child’s services and consult with the special education teacher, speech pathologist (SLP), occupational therapist (OT), and/or physical therapist (PT) for additional guidance.

Senior Community Service Hours Update:

Renton schools recognizes that the current social distancing requirements due to COVID -19 make it difficult for our students to complete the 20 hours of Community Service required to graduate. If you would like to request a waiver for the required Community Service Hours, please fill out the Request to Waive Community Service form.  All waiver requests are due by May 29th, 2020.